Banksy claims Nottingham hula-hooping girl artwork

image captionThe artwork was not claimed by Banksy for several days. The graffiti artist Banksy has confirmed a piece of art that appeared in Nottingham was …

Banksy confirms hula-hoop girl mural in Nottingham is his

Artwork showing girl playing with a bicycle tyre appeared on street corner last week.

New Banksy mural unveiled on side of Nottingham beauty salon

The tongue-in-cheek image appeared on a wall last Tuesday on the corner in Lenton, Nottingham.

Banksy says Nottingham mural is his but Birmingham artist says it isn't

The elusive Banksy posted a picture on his Instagram account which suggests his latest piece is of a little girl hula-hooping in Nottingham.

Live: Banksy confirms Nottingham artwork is his creation

World famous street artist Banksy has confirmed an image painted on a wall in Lenton is his own creation. The illusive artist confirmed the news with a post on …

Take it to the Banksy! Banksy unveils new artwork on wall of …

The piece appeared on a wall last Tuesday on the corner of Rothesay Avenue in Lenton, Nottingham. It is not clear whether it will be removed and sold as has …

Banksy shares photo of Nottingham bike tyre hula-hoop street art

Residents in the area of Lenton had been speculating about the design, which appeared on the side of the AVI beauty salon.

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